ASEAN Federation of Accountants

To provide an organisation for ASEAN Accountants for the further advancement of the status of the profession in the region with the view to establishing an ASEAN philosophy on the accounting profession.

Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants (IAI)

Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia (Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants – IAI) is the recognised professional accountancy organisation in Indonesia. Established in December 23rd, 1957, IAI continues to serve and develop the accountancy profession in the country through among others, establishment of the Chartered Accountant (CA) Indonesia qualification and other professional accountancy certifications, continuous education and training, and standard-setting activities.

IAI is home to Indonesian accountants from different backgrounds; public accountants, educators, private (management) and public (government) sector accountants, tax and forensic accountants. IAI is responsible for the organisation of the CA exams, safeguarding professional accountants competence through continuous education and training, establishment of the Code of Ethics and standards relevant to the profession, and establishment of member discipline. This is in-line with the Institute’s vision to be at the forefront in the development of the accounting education and practice, oriented in ethics, social responsibility and the environment, both nationally and globally.

IAI is a co-founding member of the ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA) and has continuously serves as the support for the Federation’s Secretariat in Jakarta since 2011. Globally, the Institute is also a proud co-founding member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). IAI is committed to implement IFAC’s standards as the best practice in improving the quality of the accountancy profession in Indonesia.


Grha Akuntan
Jl. Sindanglaya No. 1 Menteng
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
Tel: 62-21 3190 4232
Fax: 62-21 7245078


Prof. Dr. Mardiasmo, Ak, MBA

Executive Director

Mrs. Elly Zarni Husin

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