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AFA Research Grant - Update

The AFA Research Grant is the ASEAN Federation of Accountants’ (AFA) initiative to contribute to the further development of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Southeast Asia region. It is an embodiment of the Federation’s aspiration to be recognised as the regional accountancy body in the region, and be at the forefront of the ASEAN SMEs development.

Supported by ACCA and CAANZ as AFA Associate Members, a maximum of SGD20,000 was made available to conduct an eight months research on SMEs issues. The research will be looking to establish a definition and identify key characteristics of SMEs in the region, highlighting the role of Professional Accountancy Organisations in supporting the SMEs. AFA acknowledges the important role that the sector plays in both supporting and driving forward the Southeast Asia economy.

Since the announcement of the Call for Proposals in December 5, 2016, to the submission deadline in February 23, 2017, the Federation has received an encouraging number of inquiries from potential applicants. A total of 44 proposals representing nine countries within and outside of the Southeast Asia region have been received. The proposals will be assessed by a distinguished and prominent panel of experts.

Recipient of the Grant will be announced in March 24, 2017.

For more information about the latest update on the AFA Research Grant, please visit or follow AFA_Accountants on Twitter.

The list of proposals in no particular order is as follows:





Accounting practices of SMEs in Vietnam and the roles of accounting guidelines and accounting professional associations


Study on factors affecting the ability of information technology application in accounting policies in SMEs in Vietnam


A study on the innovation promoting policy for SMEs in ASEAN countries


Role of accounting professional organizations towards the sustainability of SMEs in the ASEAN region


The SMEs business performance indicators and its practices in selected ASEAN countries


Information system for costs management accounting: An analysis of Vietnam textile and garment SMEs


A review of ASEAN SMEs definitions and identifying the role of PAOs in assisting ASEAN SMEs


Indonesia traditional herbal beverage and nation-brand image: A case study of “Jamu”


Malaysia’s exertion to be identical to IFRS: Opportunities and challenges of SMEs’ transition to MPERS


The challenges of SMEs and SMPs in auditing perspective


The impact of accounting system to foreign investment: evidence from ASEAN countries


Application and impact of ESOP on business performance of SMEs in Vietnam- lessons from other ASEAN countries


The role of accountants, PAOs and Government regulators in promoting the growth and development of SMEs through high-quality accounting information and financial management


A study on key institutional environment of SMEs and expected roles of accounting profession in ASEAN


SMEs in Southeast Asia: Overcoming barriers to accessing capital by improving definitions, financial reporting comparability and accountability


Sustainable competitive advantages as strategies to win the strenuous competition in the ASEAN Economic Community


Empowering SMEs through improved financial access: Analysis of the role of credit rating, accounting, and information technology


Adopting CSR practice to improve performance: A case study of Micro and SMEs in Indonesian Batik industry


Research effective internal control to enhance the quality of financial information SMEs in Vietnam


The impact on quality of ASEAN SMEs financial reporting and tax filing by adoption of IFRS for SMEs and tax amnesty program


Application of IFRS for SMEs and possibility of applying IFRS for SMEs in Vietnam


Exploring possible gaps between information users’ needs and current SMEs accounting practices – the case of Vietnam


Evaluating the development of management accounting practices in Vietnamese SMEs


An exploratory study on Indonesian and Vietnamese regulatory and cultural environment towards audit quality; evidence from small and medium audit firms


Impacts of digital accounting in controlling frauds and errors in the SMEs: Experience lessons from SMEs in Hanoi


Examining key characteristics of SMEs in ASEAN countries


Model of internalisation and accountability for SMEs


Professional standards for SMEs: ASEAN perspectives


A study on SMEs’ financial management and its relation to performance


Study the possibility of applying IFRS for SMEs in Vietnam


The quality of financial reports and credit accessibility of SMEs in Vietnam


SMEs in Brunei: Opportunities and challenges in the current economy


Accounting ethics for SMEs in ASEAN greater Mekong sub-region countries


SMEs integrated reporting for accountability and sustainability: SMEs care more than just for profit


Designing the electronic audit working paper for small public accounting firms to promote productivity and audit quality


How local SMEs can upgrade in global value chain: The case of Samsung Electronics in Vietnam and Thailand


Opportunities and challenges for SMEs in Indonesia and their strategies in facing the ASEAN Economic Community


Internal financial planning and control systems in Vietnamese SMEs


The effects of international trade, governance quality, and public finance on economic growth in ASEAN-6: An orientation for the future of ASEAN-6 into the AEC


An ASEAN comparative study for SMEs  and roles of PAOs in SMEs development


Financial statement manipulations in Vietnamese SMES: Study on the influential factors and its implications


Growth strategy of Malaysian e-commerce SMEs


Determinants of SMEs development in ASEAN countries


A study on SMEs in Vietnam in the context of integration to ASEAN

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